I have been searching for ways to “give back” and help those struggling with their health during these crazy times.
So…in an effort to spread love and wellness for the remainder of 2020 I will be creating a FREE weekly newsletter called Healthy @ Home. It will be sent on Tuesdays and focus on self-care, health and wellness, food, weight management, and physical activity.

Coach MJ

certified health coach
weight loss specialist

what is healthy @ home?

My goal is to provide you with “tools” such as motivational support, food education, recipes, tips and tricks, product intros, etc. to add to your personal “toolbox”that you will be able to access when you need them so you can stay “Healthy @ Home.”

Please know that my content will never be political, religious, or sponsored. Feel free to share any topic ideas and suggestions you would like to learn more about.

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Keep eating, laughing, loving and living!


Self – Care

the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s health

Health and Wellness

the state of being free from illness or injury the active process of making choices toward a healthy life


nutritious substances consumed to maintian life and growth

Weight Management

the process of adopting long term life style modifications to maintain healthy body weight

Physical Activity

movement of the body that uses energy