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Hope you enjoyed a wonderful long weekend!
Although you may have had your fill of hot dogs this weekend,
there’s no doubt you may be wanting one again soon.
9/10 is National Hot Dog Day!
Please check out my healthy-ish dog suggestions below.

Self – Care

It’s a short week, try to find some…

__C A L M__

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Health and Wellness

A little on the edge these days?
Ya might just need a boost of magnesium.

Magnesium deficiency contributes to a wide variety of conditions, including:
  • stress
  • low energy
  • fatigue
  • weakness
  • muscle tension, spasms, cramps
  • constapation
Magnesium is critical for hundreds of processes throughout the body, including:
  • maintaining a healthy and functioning brain / nervous system
  • protein synthesis
  • supporting:
    • healthy bones & muscles
    • cardiovascular health
    • healthy blood pressure
I have been recommending Natural Vitality Calm products to clients for years.
Their products contain magnesium citrate & magnesium glycinate which I use for restful sleep.  
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 Whole Foods, Sprouts and Vitamin Cottage also carry thier products.


Hot dogs…let’s be honest.
When we think of hot dogs, we don’t think ‘Now those are healthy.’ However, with more companies gravitating towards a healthier ingredient list and manufacturing practices, it’s become possible to make better choices. Look for the following when choosing your next hot dog:
– grass-fed and finished beef
– no fillers
– no nitrates or nitrites
– no msg
– no hormones
– no added sugar
My favs include:
True Story Beef Hot Dogs
Teton Beef Hot Dogs



MJ’s suggestions for the next time you’re craving a dog.