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love the skin you’re in
a few of my favorite things
tips & tricks for healthy winter skin
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self – care

Sleep Happy

care for your body…

  • nourish it with healthy food & drinks
  • keep it moving
  • let it rest

care for your mind…

  • shut out stinkin’ thinkin’
  • surround yourself with positive & uplifting people
  • take regular media breaks…especially from tv & social

embrace imperfections…

  • no one is perfect
  • you’re unique & special
  • there is only one you…so own it

learn from mistakes…

  • we all make them…learn and choose to do things differently next time

trust you…

  • you know yourself better than anyone else, so trust your gut


A few of my favorite things…

available in most stores where groceries are sold

True Citrus Hydration Helpers
These little packets make drinking water fun!

  • made from fruit
  • non-GMO & gluten free
  • no artifical sweeteners or preservatives
  • sweetened with 1g of cane sugar & stevia 10 calories/packet

my tip…use only 1/2 of a packet in 16 oz of water

Simple Mills Crackers
Get your crunch on with these yummy, baked, crunchy crackers that are a healthy alternative to Wheat Thins.
  • wholesome blend of almond flour, sunflower seeds & flax seeds
  • 3g of protein per serving
  • good source of Vitamin E
  • certified gluten-free, grain free, corn free, dairy Free,
  • non-GMO project verified
INGREDIENTS: nut & seed flour blend (almonds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds), tapioca, cassava, organic sunflower oil, sea salt, organic onion, organic garlic, rosemary extract for freshness

health and wellness

A Healthy Body Starts with Healthy, Happy Feet!

Winter can be tough on our skin. Cold temps, dry air, frigid winds, and heaters zap moisture from our skin and strip it of essential oils.
Try these friendly reminders and tips to help fight winter skin sensitivity and keep your skin looking and feeling healthy.
Drink Up! And no…I don’t mean alcohol!
Drinking water for healthy skin is even more important in the winter.
How much?
men – about 15.5 cups (3.7 liters) of fluids/day
women – about 11.5 cups (2.7 liters) of fluids a day for women
These Mayo Clinic recommendations cover fluids from water, other beverages, and food. About 20% of daily fluid intake usually comes from food and the rest from drinks.

SPF Up! Sun exposure and potential UV damage can happen year-round…especially on gray days. Use sunscreen daily!

Wear Outerwear Scarves & gloves protect your skin from cold, wind and sun. I like to apply lotion to my hands before putting my gloves on to lock in moisture.
Cleanse Use heavier balms, oil, or cream cleansers for all parts of your body. They effectively wash skin while keeping it hydrated and they don’t disrupt your natural skin barrier.
At $2-$4 each, Aquaphor & good old Vaseline are great options for protecting winter skin.
Exfoliate Gentle exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells accumulated from dry winter air, making skin dewy and allowing products such as moisturizer to absorb better.
Cut Shower Time & Temp Opt for brief, lukewarm baths, and showers no more than 1x/day. Hot water can strip the skin of its natural moisture.
Moisturize Move towards creams vs. a lotions. To lock in hydration, apply when drying off while your skin is still damp.
Moisturizer Education Ideal winter moisturizers contain all three components.
  • humectants – such as hyaluronic acid and glycerin are low molecular weight substances that extract water from the air and into the skin
  • emollients – typically come in the form of creams and lotions that help in skin barrier function
  • occlusives – are oils and waxes that form a layer on the skin and physically block water from escaping
Lip Service Use a lip balm that ointment based to lock in moisture and heal cracks or splits. Look for balms with petrolatum, glycerin, and essential oils. Avoid balms containing camphor, eucalyptus, and menthol as they can dry your lips. Be sure to apply a fresh coat right before going to sleep for soft silky morning lips.
Overnight Mask Skin undergoes circadian rhythms just like the rest of our bodies. Skin hydration levels start to decline in the afternoon and continue overnight.
Men & women can benefit from a pm mask and winter is the best time to do it. Masks help lock in serums, creams, and oils that are applied before bedtime.

physical activity

Jazzercise transformed my life! Give it a try…maybe it will transform yours!?!

mj’s “after” pic

When I was at my all-time highest weight and worst health-wise I defined myself as an “exercise hater.” Exercise is now a big part of my life and brings me joy.

Jazzercise changed that for me. In 2009, I arrived to my first class in
a two piece butter yellow short set…the only thing that “felt” like “exercise wear” to me…mainly because it fit. Needless to say, I was the only one wearing a matching yellow short set. 🙂

The team that checked me in welcomed me with open arms and made me feel like I was immediately one of them. Before class, the instructor jumped off the stage to introduce herself and gave me some info on what to expect. The music came on and a love affair began!

Jazzercise classes are taught throughout the world. I moved to Colorado 5 years ago and the CO Jazzercise community immediately welcomed me in. I felt like I was home and ready to start my next chapter.

Doing a physical activity that is fun and functional changes the way your body feels and looks. Jazzercise is the best of both worlds…the fun of cardio and the power of strength. see my “before” pic below

Tuesday, Dec 15 – Sunday, Dec 20

Join Heather and her amazing team of professional instructors for a full week of “free” “live” online workouts that blend dance with Pilates, yoga, kickboxing and strength training, that can help ya burn up to 800 calories.

streaming website:
password: FreeWeekDec2020

Contact info for Heather
[email protected]

S45 = 45 minute Strength class
DM 45 = 45 minute Dance Mix
(cardio + strength)
All other classes = 55-60 minute Dance Mix (cardio + strength)

mj’s before pic – 2009

Believe it or not, this isn’t my worst pic. It is printed on “copy” paper and is a bit grainy…but you get the idea!
Consult your physician prior to beginning any weight management program, adding supplementation to your diet or engaging in physical activity.