December 1st – can you believe it?

I’m going to go “lite” on ya this week and not gonna bombard you with a ton of info since some of you may have just started to awaken from a holiday food coma!
That said…over the next few weeks, let’s focus on getting back on track…whatever getting back on track means for you. For me it means focusing on my daily activities, small projects and healthy food!
wake up with purpose
easy sausage and egg bake…great for breakfast or any meal or snack
breakfast benefits…new studies show the benefits of a hearty breakfast on weight and blood sugar levels
positivity & positive reflections
more on gratitude…especially foot gratitude


easy sausage egg bake

This yummy, super easy and delicious recipe is just another one my favs developed with Coach Jennifer!

recipe here

Weight Management


The morning meal that “breaks” the “fasting” period of the prior night.
For me, breakfast has always been my favorite and most important meal of the day.
I often tell my clients to “front load” their food & beverages…which simply means to eat and drink more in the early hours of the day versus the evening hours.
Begin each day with a healthy and substantial breakfast. This approach is especially important during the shorter days of fall and winter as our metabolic rate slows down at night which can come as earlier at 4pm in the month of December.
New research from the Endocrine Society shows breakfast plays an even bigger role in our overall health than previously thought.
The findings may have huge implications for people looking to lose weight, along with those with diabetes.
Not a regular breakfast eater? 
Check out a few good reasons from the study to change that asap!

Skipping Breakfast…

  • slows the metabolism & causes cravings
  • can lead to overindulgences
  • may lead to what I call “justification eating” which just makes up for “missed” morning calories

Breakfast Benefits…
What we eat and drink after waking up has been shown to have a big impact on our cognitive performance, mood, and energy levels throughout the day.

  • insulin sensitivity – we are more insulin sensitive in the morning, our bodies need to produce less insulin to control blood glucose levels after eating
  • active metabolism – we experience a more active metabolism after breakfast
  • healthier blood glucose levels – after breakfast, our blood sugar levels are steadier throughout the day
  • calorie burn – those that eat a big breakfast burn twice as many calories per day compared to those who eat a larger dinner
  • lower hunger pangs and cravings – eating a nutrient dense breakfast is linked to lower hunger pangs and sweet cravings throughout the day

for better health, follow this wise old saying…
eat like a king/queen for breakfast, prince/princess for lunch, and pauper for dinner.

For the entire article, check out…
Consult your physician prior to beginning any weight management program, adding supplementation to your diet or engaging in physical activity.

health and wellness

Got Purpose?

On the very few days that I’ve awakened without purpose I’ve noticed that I’m not my best for me or anyone else. Maybe you’ve felt the same.
Whether you have a full time job, are retired, not currently working, a stay at home parent, etc. make it a goal to…


NO…I’m not talking about discovering the deep meaning of what you are meant to do with the rest of your life.
YES…I am talking about the small details of your day to day life that when focused on…can become deeper long term.
Short term, small things you do daily add up and can make you feel good and give meaning and order to your life.

Start Small!

make your bed!
nothing better than getting into a made bed for a more restful sleep

get dressed!
like the whole world is gonna see ya even if they won’t, you see you and that’s what matters most

plan meals & snacks!
plan your entire days worth of healthy meals & snacks to save time and stay on track

eat breakfast!
return to your healthy routine of eating breakfast or starting eating it on a regular basis

call or email a friend!
reach out to someone that you haven’t been in touch with for a while. trust me…it will do you more good for you than you can imagine

move 1-2 items on your “to-do” to your “ta-done” list!
tackling your list of things to do is very rewarding, check off 1-2 items/day to make you feel accomplished.